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Why you should learn machine learning in 2020

Written by Aarush Sharma

Lately, various corporations and professionals around the world have been using buzzwords that confuse a lot of us; "Machine learning", “Deep learning”, “Artificial intelligence” and many others. We hear news and media consistently report that the world is headed into a sector where technology and AI will be the leading fields for various industries and economies. What they don’t tell you is that you should learn Machine Learning in 2020 and here’s why.

What exactly is Machine Learning and why is it important?

Machine Learning, simply put, is a process of various computer algorithms that solve problems through “learning”. This is where systems constantly improve from trial and experience by focusing on their surroundings and adapting itself to complete an array of tasks. This is also a subsection of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning operates much of what you see both online and offline.

Still didn’t get it? Let’s see an example of Machine Learning. You must have come across this article through a quick search or a link. Suppose you searched for the keyword “Machine” in your search engine bar, and it auto-filled with the other keyword, “Learning”. How does your search engine know that “Machine Learning” is the phrase you wanted to search up. It could have been a variety of other possibilities, such as: “Machine fixing” or “Machine Washable Rugs”. The reason why a certain phrase or keyword popped up for you distinctively is through the process of Machine Learning. The way that the search engine operates is that it would browse through your interests and other recent searches, and based on that data that the search engine collects, it would auto-fill a word to match your need. This is an example of Machine Learning in an everyday use case and there are numerous other places where you could have come across instances where algorithms such as this are used.

Machine Learning is important because it makes tasks efficient and programmers do not necessarily have to code every bit of a specific algorithm. Taking the previous example, no programmer would know what you are trying to search for, but they can create a system where keywords and searches are based on your interests, as well as what you have browsed through before. As various models and algorithms are exposed to new information, they can adapt themselves without changing the code creating an effective system as a whole. This saves both time and energy, which is why various organizations around the world are striving to implement aspects of Machine Learning in their regular work.

Why is Machine Learning on the rise?

As described previously, various companies and firms around the world want to embed parts of Machine Learning into their areas, to increase productivity and their overall workflow. Machine Learning has seen an exponential increase over the past few years because of the advancements made in technology. The advantages of such models are unparalleled because Machine Learning algorithms can easily find important data without being hard-coded to complete a certain set of objectives.

Machine Learning is not just used for search engines and basic needs, but rather solving worldwide issues and fueling day to day tasks. Taking the current situation of the pandemic, Machine Learning was used to find exact locations of where future outbreaks could potentially occur. Mr Mallol, President at AIME stated, “Public Health officers do not know when or where the next outbreak will occur. We use [Machine Learning] to predict the exact geo-location and time of new outbreaks, giving officials time to make informed decisions--saving money and lives”. This also has use cases in several other fields. Machine Learning is a powerful tool that can be used to find patterns and trends in data, solving a list of real-world problems. Algorithms are created to track potential fraud in organizations or people based on historical activity and information. Models are innovated to predict the future of the economy based on trends and other elements that impact the flow. This wide variety of implementation is only on the rise because of the efficacy and success of Machine Learning in today’s time.

Why should you learn Machine Learning?

Now that you understand the core concepts of Machine Learning, why is it worth learning Machine Learning in 2020?

There are various job opportunities associated with getting proficient at Machine Learning. Having a basic knowledge of ML, to being an expert in the field can provide you with a multitude of chances in developing your skills in this field. The average salary of a Machine Learning engineer is $140,000 (300K-1.8M INR) which is considerably higher than a salary in another field. One of the advantages of having a skill set for Machine Learning is that there are also many corporations that want to hire people with such knowledge. As someone in the ML field, you are not just limited to engineering. With the right skills, there are many categories of jobs that you can apply for, such as a Data Scientist, Software Developer, Machine Learning Designer and many more. Machine Learning occupations are those with high demand and high pay which is ideal for a sustainable and reliable job.

Apart from professions, Machine Learning also provides knowledge that you can use to apply in everyday tasks. For example, I am part of a robotics team, and one of the challenges for last year’s game was to detect a pile of game elements the size of a 3-inch cube scattered across the ground. If one was to develop a Machine Learning model for this very objective, assessing the way elements are thrown across the floor, the robot can predict the best path to take to gather those minerals making an effective algorithm. Lastly, with adequate knowledge of Machine Learning, there are 10 ways that you can earn over $1000 in a few, easy steps. To read more about that, you can check out another blog post: Top 10 ways to earn 1 lakh Rupees with Machine Learning (scikit-Learn & Tensorflow)

Where can I start?

There are various places where you can start educating yourself on Machine Learning. We have compiled a list of a few places that can easily help you develop your knowledge of this topic and extend it further:

About the person behind the keyboard: Aarush is in high-school in America. His passion and love for technology is fascinating. If you guys want to contact him, just click on his name.

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